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myths & urban legends masterpost


i really love hearing about ghost stories, folklore and the like, and im sure there people out there who can relate, so i decided to throw together a masterpost. this collection is the result of a half hours’ worth of googling around. i apologize if there are any broken links - if you catch one, please fix it. additionally, if you know any good links that arent listed here, feel free to add them!

browse carefully - some of these are pretty creepy. lots of violence and swearing scattered around, etc.


Snopes: (warning: some popups! snopes is sometimes an unreliable source, so i suggest taking its articles with a grain of salt, but theyre still a pretty good read.)


  • 136 creepy wikipedia articles (not all urban legends, but still a really excellent masterpost!)
  • American Folklore (havent delved too deep into this website but it has a lot of content - check the links across the top in the red bar)
  • Creepypasta Index - Highest Rated (again, havent read all of these but theres some classics on here i recognize)
  • All-Lies (has some irritating ads, but theres a lot of stuff on here. take note of the sweet ’90s flames on the bottom of the page)
  • DisneyLies - (sister site to the previous link. im not sure why there are so many creepy myths surrounding disney, but these are pretty good. also has some pretty rad flames)

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well dunn with jourdan dunn outtakes + cute outfits

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Manish Dayal

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Apology accepted. Trust denied.
— (via feelingsnbeyond)
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Berlinde De Bruyckere
We Are All FleshAustralian Centre of Contemporary Art 


Berlinde De Bruyckere

We Are All Flesh
Australian Centre of Contemporary Art 

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Title: I Put a Spell on You
Artist: Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Plays: 28179


Screamin’ Jay HawkinsI Put a Spell on You (1956)

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1/50 pictures of Hayley Atwell

1/50 pictures of Hayley Atwell

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Danai Gurira, photographed by Jan Welters for InStyle Magazine (October 2013)

Danai Gurira, photographed by Jan Welters for InStyle Magazine (October 2013)

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